how we help

Custom advice. Reliable partnership. Shared goals.

From initial planning to opening day, Embark can provide you with the resources, knowledge, and contacts you need for a successful new school launch.

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Planning New Schools

We walk alongside you in the early stage of school development.

School founders in the early planning stage need a thought partner to help them consider the challenges they may face and the questions to which they need answers. Through conversations that range from the practical to the philosophical, we focus on helping school founders move from interest in opening a school to tangible goals informed by expertise and analysis.

We work with school founders to ask the right questions and help find the right answers. Whether you have a fully developed idea or more questions than answers, we can help ensure your success. Here are a few of the areas where we can help:

  • Choosing a School Type and Model

  • Conducting a Landscape Analysis

  • Navigating State Laws and Requirements

  • Submitting a Charter Application

Starting New Schools

We give you the foundation you need for a successful launch.

School founders in the start-up stage face many obstacles before opening the school doors. To maintain momentum, we provide guidance to ensure you can open your doors with confidence. We help solve problems that arise on the way to opening and connect you to the resources you need. We provide assistance with:

  • Finding Facilities

  • Back Office Training and Support

  • Board Training and Support

  • Identifying Talent Pipelines

  • Exploring Financing Options

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Finding New Schools

We connect you with families and communities in search of great schools.

We introduce school founders to families and communities with a similar vision for education to encourage community-up solutions that match the needs and priorities of those in search of great schools.